Mission of company MITRA:

To become the leading European supplier of modern quality plastic packaging which helps our clients to satisfy expectations of their customers, constantly studying their preferences, learning of new technology and machineries, professional development of our personnel and participation in societys life.

Our principles:

  • Orientation on the clients on their expectations, preferences, values.

  • Honesty and correctness in interrelation with employees, clients, suppliers and partners.

    Responsibility is a  duty to answer for the deeds and actions and also for their consequences for the clients  as far as their confidence is priceless.

    Professionality is a  thorough knowledge of profession, responsibility, quality and timely performance of  assigned tasks.

    Cooperation efficient interaction of the employees of the company between each other and with companys partners directed for achievement of the companys purposes.

    Self-perfection continuous development of our knowledge, competence, skills and abilities.

    Efficiency achievement and excess of the planned results making reasonable and rational use of all the resources.

    Initiative active search of resolving of problems creating during everydays activity and new achievements in our activity.

    Investments in studying preferences of the customers of our packaging, technology, design and competence of our personnel.

    Development of talents and leader qualities of the employees of the company. Our staff  is our main capital.

    Production of the packaging for dynamically developing and profitable segments in order to provide leading position for our clients on these markets.

    The highest quality of our products  is a guarantee of investments in staff of our company and modern technology..

    Our phones:

    +375 (17) 201 48 50
    201 48 52

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